Böcker jag ogillade, men är glad att jag läste

Denna veckas tema för Top Ten Tuesday är: Books I disliked/hated but am really glad I read (maybe just for bragging rights)

This theme might very well be the hardest ever for me, since I seldom read books I dislike. I could only come up with three books this week.

I love the title and the cover! I had expected a story like La délicatesse (Delicacy) by David Foenkinos, also a story about a woman who loses the one she loves in a car accident. But this story is not written in the typical French way, with emotion, melancholy and a lot of charm.

The first pages are very well written, though. My chest hurts and I get tears in my eyes. I feel with Diane, and understand how her emotions manifest by screaming, crying and just wanting to die away from it all, but being forced to hold back the indescribable grief because not to worry her husband, Colin, while he is still alive. Unfortunately, the rest of the story doesn’t affect me at all. Nothing is left to the reader to understand by herself, all is too predictable.

Anyway, I am glad I read this book, since I know it is currently in development as a feature film by The Weinstein Company (…) Despite the producer, I believe this story will be beautiful and much better than the book (for once), especially if Audrey Tautou gets the role as the leading actress. That would be awesome.


When I saw the cover and read about the story, I became curious about how to get such a story credible. How can one justify a young woman choosing to become an escort girl/a prostitute and, in addition, succeed in attracting a lot of readers on that topic? I simply had to read the book to find out.

And, of course, the story wasn’t credible at all. The story is completely unimportant, it serves only as a frame to get to the sex scenes. Also, the people are stereotypically beautiful, sexy and completely without conscience. This applies to both the protagonist Mia Saunders, her aunt who hires her and the men Mia Saunders meet for a month at a time for one year in order to make up for her father’s game debt. 

Despite my disapproval of this book, I am glad I read it. Now I know what to expect from erotic novels, and I know I should avoid them.


What actually happened at the barbeque was not revealed until the end of the book, and when it finally was, it was such an anticlimax. Through the entire book, the author made me think I was reading a psychological thriller. Each chapter ended with a cliffhanger, supposed to make you thrilled and eager to read along. But, the book is actually not a thriller, it is a story about relationships. I never felt the tension that the author wanted me to feel.

However, as a novel about relationsships, it is well written. Liane Moriarty master this topic. Therefore, I am glad I read it.

Which books did you not like, but are happy you can say you have read them?

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